Rush Ashore

14 Nov

vacation2Hawaii has always been the ideal destination for tourists looking to relax and bask in magnificence of the tropical paradise. Kauai is my favorite of all the Hawaiian Islands and a chief reason for this is Poipu beach. My name is Helena Ruth and I would like to tell you about my experience on Poipu beach.

Embrace the beauty

The beach is exactly what anyone would look for. The water is blue and it is clear which makes it perfect for snorkeling. The snorkeling equipment costs only 5 dollars and rewards for your expenditure pays hundredfold dividend in the form of fishes that will dazzle and amaze you. He fish are vibrant and have fantastically vivid colored scales. It is great experience which won’t be forgetting any time soon. Then there is the wildlife itself. It is not just variety; you will be able to see rare green turtles (along with ordinary turtles), whales, rare fishes and eve chicken on the beach; it is also the fact that they put on a show for you and are not afraid of you. The whales especially love to show off, they come close enough to see and put on quite a show but most importantly they seemed happy to do so. All the wildlife are playful and that is something you just don’t see in other beaches. Poipu beach has one of the most spectacular views of the sun setting in the Pacific. It is as majestic as it is awe inspiring. The tropical temperatures will help you get a fantastic sun tan and there is nothing like a cool ocean breeze to keep you cool.

Other wonders

The thing is, you can’t have a beach as spectacular as this to yourself. It is usually overcrowded and parking can be a bit tedious. That said crowds also adds to the vibrancy of the beach and sure there are a few loudmouths here and there but you get to meet a lot of interesting people too on the picnic tables. The reason parents will love this beach is because it holds a part in it where the waves from the ocean have to go across an array of rocks which results in a region of calm shallow water. You can let you children play there as you relax and let the sun do what it does best.

Poipu beach has something for everyone. It is absolutely beautiful which is usually reason enough for some people to like it but it has so much more to offer. There are other beaches that may offer things like jet skis and paragliding but they can’t even come close to the harmonious relationship this beach has with its wildlife. This makes it a truly unique beach indeed. There aren’t many places around where you can relax, have your children have their heart fill of fun and still have enough left over to do to spend the entire day there. Visit Poipu beach and taste the wonders yourself.

Sand in your shoes

24 Sep

vacation-with-your-pet-1Hawaiian Islands remain one of the most sought after holiday destinations in the world. Really doesn’t matter who you ask, even someone like me who prefers mountains to beaches will tell you Hawaii is one of the best places to go on holiday. I have different ideas than most about where to go the Hawaiian Islands. Kauai is my ideal stop is at Kauai. Why? Because it has one of my favorite beaches, the Poipu beach.

My love affair

My name is Jared Wilson and I happen to travel around a bit. I mostly like snow and downhill skiing is my favorite activity. When it comes to warm places with sandy golden beaches, I usually make a pass. An ideal I was forced to change when I visited Kauai a few weeks back. It is the very essence of lushness and embodies the beauty of life all the way through. My biggest surprise on the trip was how much I loved Poipu beach. I mean loving the top Kauai spa at Koloa Landing is one thing but changing your mind entirely about something you find mundane is quite another. There are some things this beach shares with other beaches like being overcrowded. What made me fall in love with the place was the amount of wildlife in it. Beaches are boring, extremely relaxing but boring. Not this though and I don’t mean jet skis, paragliding and other commercialized idiocy. They beach itself is vibrant with life (I know I complained about it being overcrowded, but somehow it worked out). The local animals were not afraid to come out and play which I am guessing is because no one has polluted the water in the beach yet. All kinds of animals come out of their shells and revel at the attraction they get from the crowds. There were animals as common as chicken to ones you only see at sea world like whales. The whales were especially lively, the crowds cheered them on and they kept on showing off. It was quite the show. I realize that seeing whales isn’t something you can expect everyday but even on an off day you will be able to go snorkeling and see the vibrant underworld that the ocean bears. Vibrant fish of vivid colors will dazzle you and the water was exactly the temperature that I wanted it to be. It was an amazing experience.

What I heard others say

Well, being crowded also bears some advantages, you get to mingle. There were people of many backgrounds there, singles like myself, couples and families. I had to share picnic tables on my various visits there and the mutual admiration of the beach made the conversations quite pleasant. They went on and on about how the sunset was so beautiful and the warmth just right. How the sand was perfect with barely any shells in them and how much their kids loved seeing the green turtles. Their biggest concern was their kids’ safety (obviously) but it wasn’t just the many lifeguards on duty that put their mind at ease but the fact that there was a part of the beach where the waves reached the shore passing through a series of rocks. This made a region of calm shallow water ideal for children to play in as the parents relaxed.

As far as I has seen Poipu beach had something for everyone and more importantly it had completely won me over. Can’t wait for my next visit there, it is everything I look for in a destination, place with shimmering beauty, great weather and vibrant with life.

The Magnificence of Poipu beach

14 Jan

Singles Kauai VacationHello my name is Kelly Jacobs and I would like to say a few things about my recent visit to the Poipu beach. It is located in Kauai which is one the Hawaiian Islands and in my opinion the best one. The beauty of Poipu beach is absolutely amazing. Clear blue waters and sandy beaches are the primary criteria for any good beach and the temperature only helps. The views from the beach are outstanding, the sunset is just about the most gorgeous one you will ever see and the wildlife is in perfect harmony with the beach. There are many things that this beach shares with other popular beaches.

Being overcrowded is definitely one of them. Finding a decent parking space is hard and you just can’t stand some of the loudmouths in the crowd. That said, it is because of all the people there that the beach is always so alive, the people and the wildlife. You don’t find many beaches like this one and the thing that makes it unique is the behavior of the wildlife. You will be able to see a wide variety of ocean life and the clear waters make it ideal for snorkeling. The vividly colored fish decorating the ocean floor with their shimmering beauty will definitely win your heart away. Getting the snorkeling equipment is quite cheap too.

The turtles are a friendly bunch, and they don’t shy away from you. You will be able to see seals and even chickens roaming the beach unthreatened. The most amazing view of them all (if you are lucky enough to see) are the whales. They come close enough to see sometimes and in really lucky days they put on a little show too. In many ways Poipu beach is absolutely unique. No other beach in the world can boast such a harmonious relationship both with its wildlife and its visitors. In other ways it is exactly what you would want from a beach.

This beach has something for everyone and is not only the perfect place to relax as you listen to the soothing ocean waves, but is also a place where you can be absolutely mesmerized. Kauai is home to some of the hawaiian islands most luxurious Poipu hotels and resorts. Visit and see for yourself, it’s not something you want to miss.